Crash drum school provide drum lessons from our studio in Castleford nr Leeds

Drum Lessons at Rockit Modern Music school


Whether you are a total beginner or looking to take your drumming to the next level, playing for fun or working towards a recognised qualification, Rockit offers a wide selection of tailored lessons to suit the individual.


1 to 1 Lessons

1 to 1 lessons are the best way to develop your skills as a drummer. 100% of the time is dedicated to you.

Each student is different, therefore each lesson is specificaly tailored to help that student achieve their goals. Whether it be playing for fun, learning your favourite song, working towards a well recognised qualification with Trinity Guildhall or Rock School, or an established drummer looking to take your playing to that next level. With our highly trained, motivated and energetic teachers you're sure to achieve your goals. 
For full lesson content see Lesson Topics half way down the page

Price - £20.00 (45 mins)

Junior Lessons

 Lessons are on a 1 to 1 basis and last for 1/2hour. The aim of junior lessons is to build a good foundation on the drum kit and build sound rhythmic skill required to play the drum kit. 

Price - £12.50 (1/2 Hour)


Beginner Group Lessons 

Beginner Group lessons at Crash Drum School will take advatage of the classroom and allow students to learn in a relaxed, fun enviroment and the opportunity to meet new people. The lessons are aimed at total beginners who have never played drums before. The maximum group size is 4 per class and grouped by age. Each student will have use of a practice pad on a stand to play excercises in lesson, and have their own time on the drum kit with individual feedback.

Group lessons are run at specific times during the year, please ring for further details. Lessons cover content from the beginner section, (see below for lesson topics).

 Groups are for ages - 8-11 and 12-15

The cost for each 6 week course is £70 and includes a free pair of sticks when you first enrol.

For further information on lessons or booking please do not hesitate to contact Adam on 07584 497699.


Lesson Topics

Below is a list of subjects and topics covered in our lessons.



For beginners we introduce the fundamentals and core skills to build a solid foundation on the drum kit.
These include:

  • How to hold the sticks and basic technique
  • Drum beats in a variety of styles
  • Fills round the drum kit
  • Timing and playing to music
  • Basic rhythm recognition and vocabulary
  • Snare drum rudiments
  • How to read drum music

Follows syllabus from Grades 1-2





We then develop these ideas and expand to create a wider vocabulary on the drum kit, introducing a variety of concepts, styles and techniques.
These include:

  • Technique development for hands and feet and application to different musical styles of drumming
  • Beat concepts
  • Rudiments and application to to the drum kit
  • Playing in different time signatures ( awareness of simple time and compound time)
  • Increase rhythmic vocabulary and rhythm recognition
  • Triplets and swung rhythms
  • Introduce 4 way co-ordination and independence
  • Linear phrasing
  • Improve reading skills
  • Working with metronomes and music to improve time keeping

Follows syllabus from Grades 3-5



By now the student should be confident on their instrument. Advanced lessons aim to enable the student to become fluid and gain control over their own sound, time and feel. They take everything learned in the intermediate lessons to the next level.
In addition:

  • Advanced techniques for drum kit
  • Build stylistic awareness by looking in depth into different styles of drumming.
  • Continuation of rudimental study and application to the kit
  • Develop fluid time keeping and internal metronome
  • 4 way coordination and independence excercises
  • Exploration of odd time signatures, polyrhythms

Follows syllabus from Grade 6-8

The lists above give an idea of the content we include in lessons but are by no means exhaustive.  


Being able to play in a variety of styles with a good sound, time and feel is essential in becoming a well rounded drummer and musician. We place great importance on this, and below is a list of popular music from the 20th Century that we can explore.

  • Swing, Jazz, Be-Bop, Fusion
  • Rhythm & Blues, Blues , Shuffle, Rock & Roll
  • Soul, Motown, Funk, Disco
  • Rock, Punk, Heavy Rock, Prog Rock, Metal
  • Sca, Reggae
  • Hip Hop, R'n'B, Pop, Dance
  • Modern Rock , Indie, Alternate, Metal
  • Brazilian, Afro-Cuban, African and other world music


When learning different styles teaching is aided when possible with books, videos and music from that genre to provide a reference to and help gain a greater understanding of the musical style.

Below are a collection of small videos demonstrating a few of these genres.