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ACS, Serious About Sound

At Crash we take hearing protection very seriously, after all you only get one pair of ears! Working or playing in loud enviroments over prolongd periods of time can have a damaging effect on your ears and even lead to hearing loss. This is why its important to protect your ears!

By teaming up with ACS (Advanced Comunication Solutions) and Boots Hearing Care in Wakefield we are offering students a 15% discount on a pair of custom moulded ear plugs.

ACS earplugs


All ACS products are made using medical-grade silicone. It's not the easiest material in the world to work with and sometimes this means going that extra mile to get the finished product just right but nobody ever built anything great easily. We believe that using silicone gives you the best fit, the highest level of comfort and, most importantly, the best sound and it's not just us that think so. Our ER-Series of musicians hearing protectors have been independantly tested to conform to European standards for noise exposure and these results show our ER protectors to have the flattest response of any musicians' hearing protector worldwide which is why so many musicians make sure that they ask for the ACS ER to be sure that they're getting the best possible result from the best possible filter.

For more information on ACS and its products visit their website at