Rockit Music School guitar lessons in Castleford

Guitar Lessons at Rockit Modern Music school


Whatever your reasons or goals are for picking up a guitar for the first time, we are here to help you reach them. We can also draw upon your favourite music and artists to inform your learning.


30 mins lesson - £12.50

45 mins lesson - £20

Here is an outline of the topics covered in our lessons.



The wonderful thing about guitar is that with tuition, a little perseverance and encouragement, someone who is completely new to the instrument can be strumming away to their favourite songs in weeks! In your first lessons you will learn about:


  • The anatomy of guitar and the essentials. This includes tuning, maintenance and how to handle your guitar.
  • Holding a plectrum (pick).
  • Strings, frets and fingers.
  • Open chords (to get you playing along to the radio).
  • The basics of strumming and picking.
  • Major and Minor scales.
  • The use of guitar TAB and musical notation and devices.
  • An introductory approach to harmony and melody, or lead and rhythm playing.




When the basics are covered, they will provide a solid foundation on which to develop technique and musicianship, exploring new areas of guitar playing such as:


  • Chord types and vocabulary (Barre chords)
  • Picking / finger-style and playing techniques (such as palm muting and tapping).
  • Useable pentatonic scales, for the purpose of soloing.
  • Soloing and basic licks.
  • Improvisation.
  • Note names and scale knowledge all over the fretboard.
  • The basics of aural training (using our ears to decipher music).
  • Altered tuning.
  • More in depth study of melody and harmony, with a view to students beginning to create their own music.
  • Your amp, your tone, your sound.




At this juncture, all the essential ingredients that make a capable guitarist have been discovered. Our advanced lessons will allow students to shape their own playing style, honing in on more involved techniques and musical knowledge, including:


  • Picking and finger-style techniques.
  • Extended chords and added notes.
  • Altered and drop tuning.
  • Scale knowledge and improvisation.
  • Harmonic colour and melodic phrasing.
  • Modes and their uses.
  • Performing and writing in various time and key signatures.
  • A comprehensive understanding of TAB and scored music, for students to transcribe their ideas and read music.
  • In depth aural training.
  • Appreciation of guitar tone and how to make the most of any amplifier for your sound.
  • Guitar Effects and processing.

The lists above give an idea of the content we include in lessons, but are by no means exhaustive.

Within all of the sessions and tuition we offer, we incorporate all styles of music, including Rock, Blues, Metal, Classical, Reggae, Soul, Acoustic, Indie, Funk...the list goes on and on!!

Students are welcome to undertake graded examinations whilst studying with Rockit, and will be fully supported within lessons in order to do this.


If you would like guitar lessons or have any queries, don't hesitate to contact Jack on 07850253989.